Software:Breadbox Productions Studio

  • Pro Tools
    (Waves Platinum,
    Production/DV Package &
    a plethora of soft-synths on board!)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Motion
  • Compressor
  • Sountrack Pro
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Photoshop

Hardware in Studio:Breadbox Studio Gear
  • Digi 002 Console
  • JVC mini-DV deck & video monitor
  • Event 20-20 Monitors
  • An array of mic including Neuman, AKG,
    Sennheiser, Sony & CAD Micropohones
  • Avalon 737sp, ART Pro VLA & Behringer compressors
  • HHB CDR850
  • Panasonic SV-3800

Hardware for the field:
  • Panasonic HPX-170 HD Camera
  • Panasonic DVX-100 Camera (miniDV)
  • Sound devices 442 4-Channel Field Mixer
  • Marantz PMD-671 Flash Field Recorder
  • Sennheiser ME-67 Shotgun mic w/Boom Package
  • Sony wireless and wired Lav mics
  • Lowell Lighting Kit

Location multi-track music recording is our specialty. Let Breadbox Productions bring our selection of quality microphones, preamplifiers, digital recording equipment and decades of experience to the comfort of your home to record, then mix it back in our Richmond, Vermont studio.